FIDIC-GAMA 2017 Papers and Presentations

Attachment Size
GAMA2018_Leornard_Magara_Speech.pdf 464 KB
GAMA2017_A_Abe Thela_Speech.pdf 79.47 KB
GAMA2017_A_Lynne Pretorious_Speech.pdf 80.75 KB
GAMA2017_A4_Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille_Conference Speech.pdf 65.96 KB
GAMA2017_B1_Barbara Samuels_GlobalDF_Investable Infrastructure in Africa_ppt.pdf 434.7 KB
GAMA2017_C1_ Eng. James N. Mwangi_ Partnerships.pdf 303.56 KB
GAMA2017_Conference Resolutions.pdf 320.32 KB
GAMA2017_C1_Eng. James N Nwangi_Partnerships_ppt.pdf 444.27 KB
GAMA2017_C2_Malani Padayachee-Saman_Global Partnerships.pdf 862.94 KB
GAMA2017_C3_David Heslett_The value of training for the Parties & Engineer undertaking FIDIC Contracts.pdf 394.58 KB
GAMA2017_C3_David Heslett_The value of training for the Parties & Engineer undertaking FIDIC Contracts_ppt.pdf 123.06 KB
GAMA2017_C4_K SPENCE_Dispute Adjudication Boards in Africa.pdf 601.81 KB
GAMA2017_C5_CJ Venter_Establishing Win-Win Partnerships to Achieve Sustainable Development_CJ Venter.pdf 392.7 KB
GAMA2017_C5_ CJ Venter_Win Win Partnerships.pdf 520.31 KB
GAMA2017_D1_ Robert McCutcheon_MutualAid1-Africa2SA.pdf 3.69 MB
GAMA2017_D1_Robert McCutcheon_Paper2 McC2 SA2Africa April17.pdf 1.25 MB
GAMA2017_D2_Fatima Collins_Infrastructure development as a key driver of sustainable social and economic development.pdf 285.8 KB
GAMA2017_D2_Fatima Collins_ Social Development_ppt.pdf 494.13 KB
GAMA2017_D3_ Melissa Adendorff_Sustainable Development Goals.pdf 283.13 KB
GAMA2017_D3_Melissa Adendorff_Sustainable Development Goals_ppt.pdf 442.86 KB
GAMA2017_D4_Richard Liplagat_ Managing above-ground risk for Infrastructure Projects.pdf 1.48 MB
GAMA2017_E1_Jeshika Ramchund_Impact of Disruptive Technology on the Consulting Engineering profession.pdf 573.62 KB
GAMA2017_E1_Jeshika Ramchund_Disruptive Technology_ppt.pdf 1.35 MB
GAMA2017_E2_Richard Kiplagat_Managing above-ground risk in infrastructure projects.pdf 363.18 KB
GAMA2017_E3_Advancing the Afrikan lions narrative final_Prof Mugendi.pdf 1.01 MB
GAMA2017_E3_Prof Mugendi MRithaa_Shaping Africa Design Innovation.pdf 1.09 MB
GAMA2017_E4_Richard Mwaipungu_ The sustainability of unsealed roads surfaced with marginal gravel materials - Tanzania Case Study.pdf 443.69 KB
GAMA2017_F1_Capacity Building_Alain Jacquet_ppt.pdf 1.44 MB
GAMA2017_F2_Chiedza Mnguni_Female Civil Engineers in Gauteng_Retention Challenges.pdf 812.12 KB
GAMA2017_F3_Robert McCutcheon_MutualAid2-SA2Africa.pdf 3.1 MB
GAMA2017_F4_Allyson Lawless_SAICE-PDP Needs Numbers 21 April 2017.pdf 1.1 MB
GAMA2017_F4_Robert McCutcheon_FIDICGAMAPaper1 McC1 Africa2SA April17.pdf 776.67 KB
GAMA2017_F5_Allyson Lawless_Needs and Numbers - Engineering Skills Study in the SADC Region.pdf 612.41 KB
GAMA2017_G1_Sine Aly Badara Coulibaly PLEAH_River Basins integreted water resources management and sustainable development in West Africa.pdf 299.94 KB
GAMA2017_G1_Tumisang P Maphumulo_Regional Power Connectivity_ppt.pdf 2.15 MB
GAMA2017_G2_ Eng Dr Pleah_Intergrated Water Resouces Management.pdf 722.88 KB
GAMA2017_G3_ Judith Khalanwa_Role of ICT in Water Infrastructure.pdf 1.16 MB
GAMA2017_G4_Ing Felix Atsrim_Sanitation in Accra.pdf 3.24 MB
GAMA2017_G5_Chitambala Sikazwe_Water and Energy Investments.pdf 3.99 MB
GAMA2017_H1_Herron_Cllr Brett Herron_Connecting Cape Towns Communities through TOD V4.pdf 3.35 MB
GAMA2017_H1_Cllr Herron_SPEECH NOTES 10 5 17.pdf 40.46 KB
GAMA2017_H2_ Ryan Lewis_Connecting Communities through Transnet Port and RailConference.pdf 2.56 MB
GAMA2017_H3_V Shange S Mabaso_Gautrain Fast Tracks - Connecting Cities [Compatibility Mode].pdf 871.05 KB
GAMA2017_YPCongress_Breaking through the glass ceiling_J Ramchund.pdf 1.76 MB
GAMA2017_YPCongress_FIDIC YPF Vision 2025_E Vink J Albtoush.pdf 1.18 MB
GAMA2017_YPCongress_The Numbers Game_F K Yankey.pdf 1.3 MB
GAMA2017_YPCongress_Why So few Engineers are Entreprenuers_Harold M.pdf 988.91 KB

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