Application for Membership

Membership of the Association has three categories:


Member, a person who is in practice as a consulting engineer in Zimbabwe, either individually or as a partner or a director in a firm of consulting engineers in Zimbabwe.

Associate Member

Associate Member, a person who qualifies to be a Member except that he or she is not a partner, consultant or director in a firm of consulting engineers.

Member Firm

Member Firm, a firm in which at least two thirds of the ownership is in the hands of Members.

Application for Membership

Application forms may be obtained on the Downloads page.

Applicants are required to fill in the appropriate forms and to submit them with the required supporting documentation as specified in the application forms and the appropriate application fees by hand or courier to the ZACE Secretary at:

No 1 Conquenar House,
256 Samora Machel Avenue East,

All forms and supporting documentation are to be submitted in triplicate and bound. Processing of applications takes not less than 6 weeks. Once ZACE Council has approved an application and no members have objected then the applicant is notified and is required to pay the annual subscription.


ZACE against COVID-19

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